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Chiropractic Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

Who can benefit from chiropractic treatment?

From infants to elders, almost everyone with no contraindications can benefit from ongoing chiropractic care. In particular, adults with modern spinal issues, such as Forward Head Syndrome, or traumatic physical damage such as whiplash injury from automobile accidents may find chiropractic care to improve pain level effectively and safely. Chiropractic care and sports training go hand in hand as well.

How can chiropractic care help improve my well-being?

The well-being stage is more than just being pain-free and symptom-free.  Reaching and maintaining one’s optimal and maximal health potential is the most important component of well-being.  The body can only be in this well-being stage when the three pillars of health (mental, physical, and nutritional) all work together.  Chiropractic adjustments not only put musculo-skeletal properties in proper alignment for the hardware to work optimally, but also removes interferences on the nervous system that supports the network in the body to work maximally.

Why does your spine need manipulation?

The purpose of spinal manipulation is to restore physical mobility by manually applying a controlled force into joints that have become hypomobile -or limited in their movement- as a result of tissue damage. Spinal manipulation can become the first step in achieving well-being.

How does a D.C. differ from other doctors?

A Doctor of Chiropractic practices a hands-on, drug-free approach to health care that includes patient examination, diagnosis, and treatment.

What can I expect on my first visit to the office?

Our doctors start by taking a patient’s history and then performing a physical examination to develop a working diagnosis. We may conduct imaging (x-ray) to confirm a diagnosis, or request lab tests relevant to the diagnosis.

Are there any side effects?

First time patients may experience some nausea or dizziness, but this is considered normal. Chiropractic adjustment rarely causes serious discomfort, outside of mild soreness or aching which usually resolves within 12 to 48 hours.

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